Thursday, March 7, 2013



So, you might ask me these questions: Who I am and Why do I do it? What will be achieved? How will it be achieved? You could have many more questions but lets look at the basics. 

I am committed to PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY which is a process of making everyone feel part of the community in which they live. In being part of that community we can all play our role in making this community across the whole of the PILBARA better and this is a fundamental difference to simply being represented by someone. I was lucky enough to be awarded a Research Fellowship to study Participatory Democracy in 1992 and have been an advocate ever since. 

I run these campaigns because I don't think the PARTIES consult widely and encourage input from all sectors. They prefer to push THEIR own ideological agenda that is traditionally CONSERVATIVE and based on an INDIVIDUALIST philosophy or SOCIALIST and based on a COLLECTIVIST philosophy. Some newer PARTIES might have a slightly different agenda - like Greens but they have tended to be hijacked by a WELFARIST section of the community. I do actually believe the original GREEN PARTY had a serious and appropriate ENVIRONMENTAL AGENDA especially in GERMANY where they began and obviously there are some great GREEN advocates in this country. 

More importantly, I run these campaigns because they are always successful in different ways. Firstly, they influence PARTIES to try to re-connect with a community agenda and they then learn there are some serious needs that haven't been considered properly in their plans. Secondly, the PARTY that wins, usually needs some good ideas and immediately looks at what they can adopt as if it was part of their platform thereby laying the foundation for winning back voters who might have deserted them. Thirdly, it is just great fun meeting people as a candidate and seeing the look of shock that someone is giving it a go and trying to shake things up. And as if that isn't enough, just seeing a few votes come my way after a few weeks of campaigning, writing a platform after talking to lots of people, reviewing the practicalities of their ideas for the  PILBARA and then putting it in the public realm to see if it makes sense and gets support through votes. 

My campaign is 3 weeks and almost $3,000 of my own money - and all well worth it whereas the major PARTIES spend about $100,000 each and they tend to run candidates who have had public profiles for several years plus those who come out of private lives to suddenly behave as if they wish to be PUBLIC FIGURES serving the whole community (for as long as BIG MONEY PAYS most of the $100,000 for the campaign). I have run with candidates who have spent $200,000 of their own money and some have lost and some have won, most notably I supported Cr. JOHN SO in becoming the first Chinese Lord Mayor for the CITY of MELBOURNE much to the surprise of many people living in MELBOURNE, yet he was so good that within about 2 years of being elected LORD MAYOR he was awarded WORLD'S MOST POPULAR LORD MAYOR. 

I therefore do it because it makes a difference - and in SO many ways - excuse the pun. My federal campaigns for the SEAT of MELBOURNE gained similar outcomes in both campaigns and was the best result for a MINOR PARTY in VICTORIA both times. Another minor party took the lead we had shown, targeted the seat and tipped out a MAJOR PARTY CANDIDATE to turn MELBOURNE into a GREENS SEAT. No Doubt it will return to LABOR sometime in the future but only after they re-connect to the electorate properly and focus on what is needed by the COMMUNITY. This time round I hope to help dislodge a FIFO NATIONAL who I felt had lost the plot and thought he could ride into the electorate on a WAGON full of ROYALTIES even though the policy has clearly been adopted by both MAJOR PARTIES. 

My tip is his CAMPAIGN will be a dismal failure for so many reasons and not just because he failed to become a local but also because he must have thought the electorate was less than aware of the poor manner in which much of the ROYALTIES have been spent. This was the biggest mistake because I and many others know there has been monies wasted whilst the DEFECTING LABOR AND NEW NATIONALS MEMBER held the seat. 

The perfect result for a small campaign run in a few weeks with a few dollars from an INDEPENDENT is to receive enough votes to be the difference between the WINNER and the LOSER plus 1. After that the PARTIES realise there is GROUP of VOTERS who are less than happy with their performance and that negotiating preferences according to agreeing to support and then implement some planks in the platform would have been smarter than ignoring the INDEPENDENT. They may well point the blow torch at that same INDEPENDENT in a subsequent election but they will treat that candidate with more respect next time round, especially if their COMMUNITY-BASED PLATFORM reflects and responds to the needs that exist in that COMMUNITY. 

THE INDEPENDENT CAMPAIGN WILL ALSO ACHIEVE PRACTICAL RESULTS as the PARTY WINNER will ensure that some of the planks in the INDEPENDENT platform are actually resourced to prove they are listening and learning from the community. If they don't, then the INDEPENDENT could gain more votes next time but if they do implement some of the platform then the OXYGEN - as ideas - needed by the INDEPENDENT becomes scarce and they are suffocated out of existence unless they come up with a whole new platform at launch another MAKKA-TTACK. 

MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT FOR MORE BY VOTING INDEPENDENT for PILBARA >>> McKENNA No. 1 at the bottom of the Ballot Paper and then 2,3,4,5 and 6 at the top of the Ballot Paper 

in other words VOTE "REVERSE DONKEY" this time because it's MORE FUN and MEANS SOMETHING TOO because more will be done to implement the COMMUNITY-BASED INDEPENDENT PLATFORM BY THE WINNER.  

MIRACLES DON'T USUALLY HAPPEN IN POLITICS BUT IF I DID WIN THEN I BELIEVE THAT WOULD BE THE BEST RESULT FOR THE PILBARA BY FAR ... Unfortunately the Parties have too much money and had too much of a head start ...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hey "MAKKA" McKENNA here,


The campaign has really been too much fun. No really it has. One by one as I meet people I'm quite certain I get most of their votes simply because someone is making an effort but as they talk to others and share the ideas about what many think should be done - even more people realise there are alternatives to the PARTIES. Some people like me take it seriously enough to pay for there own campaign, talk to many people, write up their thoughts and reflect them in a platform.

My platform may not be perfect but many people immediately nod their heads in agreement as they review the planks - one by one - so what are the next steps:

Firstly, we will find out who lied to who in the preference negotiations and we will make it completely clear and public going forward.

Secondly, we will highlight who failed to live up to deals and follow through with their commitments to other candidates. Obviously I will take great pleasure in highlighting any dirty play on that front.

Thirdly, we will continue to remind the winner about the community-based platform and failures to show leadership beyond turning up for photo shoots and empathizing with failed local projects.

Fourthly, we will recruit supporters who really are sick of the main game political parties who gather funds from sponsors who seek favours with Government Ministers.

Fifthly, we will gradually build a community profile and be ready with initiatives and resources to take them to task with more than a few people who voted INDEPENDENT.

Sixthly, we will be consultative, pro-active and reflective about what we know and how the PARTIES fail to create the conversations that need to be held with community groups beyond the old faithful.

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE - but it really is about keeping them ACCOUNTABLE not about WINNING - as good as that might be - IT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN THIS TIME ... BUT STAY TUNED ...

Monday, March 4, 2013



... there were never any secrets. I showed my platform to the PARTIES. I told them I have experience in running campaigns. I said I would run as an INDEPENDENT. I made it clear that I believed the plans for the LOCAL CONSERVATIVE CAMPAIGNS were FAILURES ready-to-happen. I advised them that "Living Locally and Loving It" was the worst slogan I had ever seen in politics. I advised that the management of the NATIONALS Campaign would fail and I made my reasoning completely clear but it fell on "deaf ears" and over-confident POLITICOS who were managing the campaigns. 

I encouraged them to think about the ideas in my COMMUNITY-BASED PLATFORM that were developed in consultation with a whole range of people and details I had reviewed in the last 20 months and I asked them to nominate the planks they felt they could support in the platform going forward into the next term. Their response was as below:
  • The LIBERAL Campaign Manager rejected the whole platform and indicated the road upgrade "might happen".
  • The NATIONALS STATE President said they "only deliver the dollars" and the PDC makes the local spending decisions.
  • The LABOR candidate indicated they would support and implement 6, 7, 11 and 12 of my PLATFORM. 
  • I decided the GREENS were only a "TROJAN HORSE CAMPAIGN" to get the Upper House Member re-elected so I didn't consult them.
  • and the CHRISTIANS - Well, in my opinion ... Only God Knows???
The views of the POLITICOS were, in my opinion, governed largely by over-confidence in private market research polls that indicated a hands-down undoubted win for the CONSERVATIVES on the back of preferences from LIBERAL to the NATIONALS.

LABOR showed it was more inclined to be guided by community views and good ideas. The COMMUNITY-BASED PLATFORM has captured the attention of the few I have met and will, no doubt, be considered by the PARTY that wins.As they do consider it - they will also be trying to work out if I will run again. That decision will be mine and mine alone but the few who wish to take a stand against PARTIES that don't listen or consult and who wish to support an INDEPENDENT will be consulted about the kind of support they will give to me or anyone else who wishes to stand going forward into the next election - MAYBE the FEDERAL ELECTION already scheduled.

In some ways it's all too predictable in that the NATIONALS thought they could ride into power on the back of a Turn-Coat Local LABOR Member who took advice from a Turn-Coat local LIBERAL Member and former LIBERAL BRANCH PRESIDENT plus the idea that ROYALTIES for REGIONS would help them win again but, in my opinion, they missed the whole point.

MAJOR PARTIES have simply adopted ROYALTIES for REGIONS as their policy. Consequently the NATIONALS had nothing for this campaign, no strategy with substance, no policy initiatives, poor local performance and a FIFO NATIONALS LEADER who failed to understand - INITIATIVE IS EVERYTHING IN POLITICS and local people want LOCAL representation.

The CONSERVATIVE Campaign Managers thought their strategy was "brilliant" and were patting themselves on the back at regular Friday evening gatherings in the recent past thinking they already had it won. The HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS spent in the blitz of advertisements in newspapers, on TV and radio as well as posters, banners, signed cars, etc. would convince the VOTERS to simply take what was being offered. Candidates without a plan for the future and no ideas to capture the imagination. The dollars from BIG SPONSORS flowed into PARTY COFFERS so they spent them with gay abandon with some left in the LIBERAL war-chest for the next campaign which is the real target for the LIBERALS.


If I'm wrong, so be it but the fact is I placed and continue to place more confidence in democracy and the ability of people to know when they are being duped by people who don't listen and review the needs that are obvious if you look, listen and consider the options.

In my opinion LABOR will WIN; they deserve to win because they are local, they listen and they have carefully considered my COMMUNITY-BASED PLATFORM and will, no doubt, put resources into key planks of the platform that are long over-due. I believe people are sufficiently sick and tired of POLITICAL PARTIES and are able to VOTE in the interests of the whole community and not let a few self-interested people run local affairs and organisations as if they are their own Fiefdoms that take advantage of the members and public servants who manage the risk of keeping their job rather than having open minds and "advising without fear or favour" in planning for sustainable cities of the future. We need to change these things and eject the self-interested from key orgnisations; LABOR has made this commitment in their platform too. I applaud this initiative and hope to see it happen soon because the community will benefit greatly from this change.

By the way ... I would love to win and represent the PILBARA but it's NOT going to happen this time ... stay tuned for the next ELECTION.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

MAKKA-TTACK SURPRISES the PILBARA PARTIES and takes them to task one by one

Hey, MAKKA here,

Thanks for visiting and good to see My Community-Based Platform out in the Pilbara Echo newspaper and online. It's still caching if you search on GOOGLE for McKenna INDEPENDENT in Pilbara Echo then check out my straightforward-no-tricks-tell-it-like-it-is PLATFORM (Sorry about the photo, the Plastic Surgeon wants a lot more to fix my face up properly).

But it has to be very annoying to the PARTIES when they spend $100,000s Buying Votes ... I mean advertising "Motherhood Statements" complemented by slick looking advertisements that avoid identifying exactly what they intend to do.

The "MAKKA" difference is a platform that clearly identifies what I and many others know should be done. The COMMUNITY-BASED platform PROMOTES ACCOUNTABILITY and the PARTIES DON'T WANT THAT. In turn what we read in PARTY PLATFORMS is as below:
  • NATIONALS - 'We deliver the dollars' (So will the MAJOR PARTIES) Was that load of Hot Wind Cyclone Rusty or a NATIONALS F-I-F-O Election Strategy??? Going, Going ... Gone Home. Meanwhile Agriculture & other industries are going backwards under the Nationals so his local supporters must wonder why he is deserting in their hour of need.
  • LABOR - says 'We care for families' - nice, lovely, sweet, warm, cuddly ... I feel so much better now - Don't You? But what about the detail - what, when, how? 
  • GREENS - 'We want more housing and land released' (They're not selling now due to the current BUST - Hundreds of houses & blocks For Sale ... Hellooooo!!! Anyone Home???)
  • LIBERALS say - 'We care about small business, health, roads, water, law, order, education, blah--blah--blah--blah ...' zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... dropped off for a moment there and
  • the CHRISTANS say 'We want more Law and Order' ... OMGosh-Reeeeallyy!?!? We are getting more police; it's being solved!!! What else are you suggesting, please provide some detail - Mandatory sentencing? Longer jail terms? More police? What & how??

ALTERNATIVELY - My COMMUNITY-BASED PLATFORM has 12 clearly identified projects that concentrate effort and will FOCUS resources on DIVERSIFYING the ECONOMY to SUSTAIN OUR COMMUNITIES beyond the MINING BOOM which is NOT an "airy--fairy" focus like the above. 

Some of you might think that is a long way off but the BIG COMPANIES are already very clear about their timelines. These COMPANIES base their publicized estimates on known reserves and extraction rates and typically project their time in the Pilbara to be around 35 to around 50 years taking into account further discoveries expected but the "sunset" on these deposits are also expected to be offset by increased extraction rates. During that time local labour will be replaced by automation - as with the move to drive trucks and trains using joy stick operators in Perth. In fact it is well publicized that one of our major mining companies is increasing production from around 250 million tonnes of iron ore per annum to around 350 million tonnes per annum in the next year or so. Gas producers are also likely to increase gas production with extra trains which is perfectly reasonable in the context of rising world demand and relatively high price averages.

So, in truth, the RESOURCES BOOM will continue to BOOM--BUST and then BUST COMPLETELY  and there will be a major shock to the regional economy - if not the whole of Australia. The thing is we need to do more than talk about the change; we need to act now to ensure our communities aren't future GHOST TOWNS AND CITIES - like the PILBARA'S SAD HISTORY of BOOM--BUST TOWNS. No doubt there are many who will leave and are planning to leave now but many will want to stay because this will become their home and they want to see the end of BOOM--BUST and the establishment and proper declaration of cities with strong cultures, entertainment options, more retail outlets, hospitality and the true spirit and soul that goes with the declaration of true cities. They will also want thriving small towns as satellites to the cities where they can live, shop and slip way from the hustle and bustle of the Pilbara Cities.

The time to act is now, take your "pen" and VOTE "REVERSE DONKEY" with McKENNA as No.[1] at the bottom and the Parties [2] [3] [4] [5] and [6] marked at the top of the BALLOT PAPER.

We will all be better off because I will have your backing to hold the Parties to account and whoever wins out of the MAJOR PARTIES will know we have joined forces and they will desperately want your vote back in the fold before the next election. 

THE "MAKKA--TTACK" Continues ...

Friday, March 1, 2013

BIG PARTY, BIG PROJECTS, BIG JOKES ... Vote "Reverse Donkey" it's more fun ...

HEY, MAKKA HERE ... Politics can be fun too. At every election we get the chance to review the political parties and try to understand the interests that drive them. Generally political parties are based on individual or collective interests ... Then along comes an INDEPENDENT who is community focused, in the Middle-Ground and encourages individual enterprise as well as collective action. As soon as he or she gets some votes they adopt their policies and implement their projects to get the votes back. Maybe FIFO NATIONALS might think this first political principle through next time and show a little more substance and initiative. MAYBE they'll learn; they should - that's for sure especially in FIFO NATIONAL goes FEDERAL and tries for KALGOORLIE where he should at least probably get an address rather than by a FIFO POLITICIAN jetting into town again.

My COMMUNITY BASED PLATFORM identifies projects that people I've met say should happen but the political parties are reluctant because it doesn't fit neatly into their view. Community-based projects challenge traditional political parties to get back to basics and think about sustainable homes with things like solar panels, tank water and gas lines from our local resources. Community based projects bring a community agenda to the political and decision making process and force the parties to review their BIG PROJECT IDEAS. 
We never needed a BIG DESALINATION PLANT to "DROUGHT PROOF" the PILBARA. What a Joke that was - BIG POLITICAL PARTY, BIG PROJECT, BIGGER JOKE ---  "Hey MAKKA - It rained, so we cancelled the $300 million project ... LOL ... hahahahaha ... you're kidding me aren't you, please stop, OMG My Hernia, I'm going to split my sides laughing, stop please, no more BIG JOKES !!!.

Now they'll want us to drink water from tapping BIG AQUIFERS that breach world health standards for drinking water. That's no JOKE! Let's be clear about this - houses aren't being built with gutters, down pipes and tanks because it originally saved mining companies money when they first built the towns and supplied houses with water from one source; then everybody followed suit and invented all sorts of reasons for not building any water self sufficiency into homes. The fact is that farm houses in the Pilbara collected water running from their roofs from the moment they were built. I've seen the houses and more photos of homesteads and there are a few people in the towns that swear it''s the best water for all sorts of things - from washing cars to watering gardens and some even make tea from their own rain water. 

We do need every house to have a water tank and every home with kids to have the opportunity to be educated at a university. We can build a sustainable energy industry, we can recycle much more and build another industry as we do it and also start to bio-degrade waste in the PILBARA rather than sending biodegradable waste to Perth (?). Workers should be able to ride a bicycle safely to industrial estates and improve their health as they ride but instead we get millions spent on BIG HIGHWAYS and little or no improvement in tourist signage.

Water is precious and so are our kids; they should be able to live here sustainably in self-suficient solar powered houses with good drinking water, piped gas for cooking and they should be able to prosper in the PILBARA's DIVERIFIED ECONOMY. 

Instead of gas lines to our homes the BIG PARTIES send all our gas to the SW for towns there and overseas - mostly to Japan - because that's more important than our towns and our "Future Ghost Cities" ... I'm not laughing now !?!?!

I believe some Real Estate Agents have dominated PILBARA politics by being on or influencing key decision making bodies and those interests created an empty PILBARA CITIES VISION because they simply want more real estate to sell whether it be in a BOOM or BUST. Their primary interest is the income gained from selling new or "second hand" homes as people or companies move in and out of the Pilbara's BOOM--BUST economy.

My experience of the most self-interested players suggests to me that the Pilbara will miss out on things like Australia's next international airport despite its obvious merits in encouraging tourism investments, tourism operators and a growing tourism industry. We will also miss out on a solar energy research centre and a future "HEAD LAND University" because some self-interested REAL ESTATE AGENTS dominate the allocation of resources. The Liberals are planning a $300 million university in the Eastern suburbs of Perth but no serious commitment to higher education and research in  the Pilbara where most of the state's wealth is derived. What is that? don't we matter?

I encourage people to think about these things and hope YOU lodge a protest VOTE. 

I stand and spend my own money to promote the possibility of influencing political parties to talk to the whole community not sectional interests. I don't pander to sponsors and I reject the idea that we have to accept what exists and where it's going because I think we can intervene and prevent the BIG BUST after the MINING BOOM.

VOTE [1] McKENNA - INDEPENDENT - then 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 from the bottom of the ballot to the top to give the community-based platform and the PILBARA a chance for a sustainable future ... VOTING "Reverse Donkey" is MUCH MORE FUN Too because it proves beyond doubt you are thinking about your VOTE. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Every few years we get a chance to hold political parties accountable through voting. This election you can know a few things:
1. Even POLITICS can be FUN,
2. You can Vote "Reverse Donkey" starting with [1] at the Bottom and make a difference,
3. Your vote for MAKKA McKENNA as No. 1 will SHOCK the PARTIES,
4. Complete 2, 3, 4, 5 and mark 6 in the Top Box (as above) and more of my platform will happen,
5. My preferences will go to the Party who supports more of what we need,
6. Tell, text, email and call your MATES and we will all be better off, and
7. As you arrive to VOTE say "HEY, MAKKA here" and watch the stunned look on their faces.
8. Actually you may note that many of those handing out HTVs are paid this time round because the Parties are so on the nose and can't recruit members so many of them couldn't care less how you vote.