Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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  1. Another round in the campaign. Thanks for the hugs and good to see the smiles as I trawl the Pilbara for those who are willing to stand up and be counted on. We only need a few votes to get them to sit up and take notice. YES we need gas lines in Pilbara cities and towns because it's our gas and we shouldn't have to pay so much for bottled gas; we're only 16 Kms from the gas production trains at Pluto and Woodside whilst Perth is 1,600 Kms south then it's piped to other towns so why do we miss out???. YES to Australia's next International Airport because it's the 14 biggest by passenger numbers in the country. YES to a Solar Energy Research Centre because we have more sun and huge solar energy projects happening like solar harvesting of salt, bio-fuels and possibly the biggest solar energy power station in the world so WHY NOT a Solar Research Centre where all the big projects are that students can visit and understand how important it is to the future and the diversification of industry to sustain our communities. A university would come after the centre because they would realise it's the future and we can't be held back by Perth getting everything like the huge university they are now going to build instead of a small solar energy research centre here. YES to all ages health services that match the needs and catches up to Perth health services benchmarks. We shouldn't have to fly people south to fix a broken finger or minor surgery or so many other health issues; we need the services now - not just bigger hospitals in two major centres but also the personnel to go with it and the allied health services and community health centres across the Pilbara. Dampier shouldn't be losing services to a major centre and the people shouldn't have to come to Karratha for so much; Dampier needs to be re-invigorated with a Post Office and serious efforts put into providing a quality supermarket.