Sunday, March 3, 2013

MAKKA-TTACK SURPRISES the PILBARA PARTIES and takes them to task one by one

Hey, MAKKA here,

Thanks for visiting and good to see My Community-Based Platform out in the Pilbara Echo newspaper and online. It's still caching if you search on GOOGLE for McKenna INDEPENDENT in Pilbara Echo then check out my straightforward-no-tricks-tell-it-like-it-is PLATFORM (Sorry about the photo, the Plastic Surgeon wants a lot more to fix my face up properly).

But it has to be very annoying to the PARTIES when they spend $100,000s Buying Votes ... I mean advertising "Motherhood Statements" complemented by slick looking advertisements that avoid identifying exactly what they intend to do.

The "MAKKA" difference is a platform that clearly identifies what I and many others know should be done. The COMMUNITY-BASED platform PROMOTES ACCOUNTABILITY and the PARTIES DON'T WANT THAT. In turn what we read in PARTY PLATFORMS is as below:
  • NATIONALS - 'We deliver the dollars' (So will the MAJOR PARTIES) Was that load of Hot Wind Cyclone Rusty or a NATIONALS F-I-F-O Election Strategy??? Going, Going ... Gone Home. Meanwhile Agriculture & other industries are going backwards under the Nationals so his local supporters must wonder why he is deserting in their hour of need.
  • LABOR - says 'We care for families' - nice, lovely, sweet, warm, cuddly ... I feel so much better now - Don't You? But what about the detail - what, when, how? 
  • GREENS - 'We want more housing and land released' (They're not selling now due to the current BUST - Hundreds of houses & blocks For Sale ... Hellooooo!!! Anyone Home???)
  • LIBERALS say - 'We care about small business, health, roads, water, law, order, education, blah--blah--blah--blah ...' zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... dropped off for a moment there and
  • the CHRISTANS say 'We want more Law and Order' ... OMGosh-Reeeeallyy!?!? We are getting more police; it's being solved!!! What else are you suggesting, please provide some detail - Mandatory sentencing? Longer jail terms? More police? What & how??

ALTERNATIVELY - My COMMUNITY-BASED PLATFORM has 12 clearly identified projects that concentrate effort and will FOCUS resources on DIVERSIFYING the ECONOMY to SUSTAIN OUR COMMUNITIES beyond the MINING BOOM which is NOT an "airy--fairy" focus like the above. 

Some of you might think that is a long way off but the BIG COMPANIES are already very clear about their timelines. These COMPANIES base their publicized estimates on known reserves and extraction rates and typically project their time in the Pilbara to be around 35 to around 50 years taking into account further discoveries expected but the "sunset" on these deposits are also expected to be offset by increased extraction rates. During that time local labour will be replaced by automation - as with the move to drive trucks and trains using joy stick operators in Perth. In fact it is well publicized that one of our major mining companies is increasing production from around 250 million tonnes of iron ore per annum to around 350 million tonnes per annum in the next year or so. Gas producers are also likely to increase gas production with extra trains which is perfectly reasonable in the context of rising world demand and relatively high price averages.

So, in truth, the RESOURCES BOOM will continue to BOOM--BUST and then BUST COMPLETELY  and there will be a major shock to the regional economy - if not the whole of Australia. The thing is we need to do more than talk about the change; we need to act now to ensure our communities aren't future GHOST TOWNS AND CITIES - like the PILBARA'S SAD HISTORY of BOOM--BUST TOWNS. No doubt there are many who will leave and are planning to leave now but many will want to stay because this will become their home and they want to see the end of BOOM--BUST and the establishment and proper declaration of cities with strong cultures, entertainment options, more retail outlets, hospitality and the true spirit and soul that goes with the declaration of true cities. They will also want thriving small towns as satellites to the cities where they can live, shop and slip way from the hustle and bustle of the Pilbara Cities.

The time to act is now, take your "pen" and VOTE "REVERSE DONKEY" with McKENNA as No.[1] at the bottom and the Parties [2] [3] [4] [5] and [6] marked at the top of the BALLOT PAPER.

We will all be better off because I will have your backing to hold the Parties to account and whoever wins out of the MAJOR PARTIES will know we have joined forces and they will desperately want your vote back in the fold before the next election. 

THE "MAKKA--TTACK" Continues ...


  1. We do have "Make-Believe" bicycle paths as white bicyles painted on the edge of roads like on the Karratha to Dampier $120 Million Duplication Highway but I'm fairly certain there is not going to be a "F-I-F-O" NATIONAL riding regularly on the side of those roads with Road Trains and 16,000 Fours wheel drives, buses and cars buzzing past each day because the white bicycles painted there will have a big red line through them soon to indicate "No Bicyle Riding Here" because someone was killed using the make-believe bicycle path.

  2. Great to meet more INDEPENDENT THINKING VOTERS across the Electorate who all realize the Nationals had their chance but failed to deliver in so many ways. The new F-I-F-O National may get in after the 3 Year Campaign but Voters are aware that the dollars mean nothing if they're not spent wisely and there is no real plan. Clearly they know some self interested people have too much influence.