Friday, March 1, 2013

BIG PARTY, BIG PROJECTS, BIG JOKES ... Vote "Reverse Donkey" it's more fun ...

HEY, MAKKA HERE ... Politics can be fun too. At every election we get the chance to review the political parties and try to understand the interests that drive them. Generally political parties are based on individual or collective interests ... Then along comes an INDEPENDENT who is community focused, in the Middle-Ground and encourages individual enterprise as well as collective action. As soon as he or she gets some votes they adopt their policies and implement their projects to get the votes back. Maybe FIFO NATIONALS might think this first political principle through next time and show a little more substance and initiative. MAYBE they'll learn; they should - that's for sure especially in FIFO NATIONAL goes FEDERAL and tries for KALGOORLIE where he should at least probably get an address rather than by a FIFO POLITICIAN jetting into town again.

My COMMUNITY BASED PLATFORM identifies projects that people I've met say should happen but the political parties are reluctant because it doesn't fit neatly into their view. Community-based projects challenge traditional political parties to get back to basics and think about sustainable homes with things like solar panels, tank water and gas lines from our local resources. Community based projects bring a community agenda to the political and decision making process and force the parties to review their BIG PROJECT IDEAS. 
We never needed a BIG DESALINATION PLANT to "DROUGHT PROOF" the PILBARA. What a Joke that was - BIG POLITICAL PARTY, BIG PROJECT, BIGGER JOKE ---  "Hey MAKKA - It rained, so we cancelled the $300 million project ... LOL ... hahahahaha ... you're kidding me aren't you, please stop, OMG My Hernia, I'm going to split my sides laughing, stop please, no more BIG JOKES !!!.

Now they'll want us to drink water from tapping BIG AQUIFERS that breach world health standards for drinking water. That's no JOKE! Let's be clear about this - houses aren't being built with gutters, down pipes and tanks because it originally saved mining companies money when they first built the towns and supplied houses with water from one source; then everybody followed suit and invented all sorts of reasons for not building any water self sufficiency into homes. The fact is that farm houses in the Pilbara collected water running from their roofs from the moment they were built. I've seen the houses and more photos of homesteads and there are a few people in the towns that swear it''s the best water for all sorts of things - from washing cars to watering gardens and some even make tea from their own rain water. 

We do need every house to have a water tank and every home with kids to have the opportunity to be educated at a university. We can build a sustainable energy industry, we can recycle much more and build another industry as we do it and also start to bio-degrade waste in the PILBARA rather than sending biodegradable waste to Perth (?). Workers should be able to ride a bicycle safely to industrial estates and improve their health as they ride but instead we get millions spent on BIG HIGHWAYS and little or no improvement in tourist signage.

Water is precious and so are our kids; they should be able to live here sustainably in self-suficient solar powered houses with good drinking water, piped gas for cooking and they should be able to prosper in the PILBARA's DIVERIFIED ECONOMY. 

Instead of gas lines to our homes the BIG PARTIES send all our gas to the SW for towns there and overseas - mostly to Japan - because that's more important than our towns and our "Future Ghost Cities" ... I'm not laughing now !?!?!

I believe some Real Estate Agents have dominated PILBARA politics by being on or influencing key decision making bodies and those interests created an empty PILBARA CITIES VISION because they simply want more real estate to sell whether it be in a BOOM or BUST. Their primary interest is the income gained from selling new or "second hand" homes as people or companies move in and out of the Pilbara's BOOM--BUST economy.

My experience of the most self-interested players suggests to me that the Pilbara will miss out on things like Australia's next international airport despite its obvious merits in encouraging tourism investments, tourism operators and a growing tourism industry. We will also miss out on a solar energy research centre and a future "HEAD LAND University" because some self-interested REAL ESTATE AGENTS dominate the allocation of resources. The Liberals are planning a $300 million university in the Eastern suburbs of Perth but no serious commitment to higher education and research in  the Pilbara where most of the state's wealth is derived. What is that? don't we matter?

I encourage people to think about these things and hope YOU lodge a protest VOTE. 

I stand and spend my own money to promote the possibility of influencing political parties to talk to the whole community not sectional interests. I don't pander to sponsors and I reject the idea that we have to accept what exists and where it's going because I think we can intervene and prevent the BIG BUST after the MINING BOOM.

VOTE [1] McKENNA - INDEPENDENT - then 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 from the bottom of the ballot to the top to give the community-based platform and the PILBARA a chance for a sustainable future ... VOTING "Reverse Donkey" is MUCH MORE FUN Too because it proves beyond doubt you are thinking about your VOTE. 

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